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One of our specialist projects, currently assuming greater importance than ever in light of the population recovery, has been to collect more data on crawfish (crayfish/spiny lobster, Palinurus elephas) in SW Britain and beyond. To date there have been a number of reports arising from this work all of which can be downloaded from this website. They are:

Wales Crawfish Project 2010

North Pembrokeshire Crawfish Surveys 2011

Pembrokeshire Crawfish Survey 2014

Pembrokeshire Crawfish Surveys 2017-2018

An extract of the crawfish data is also available to use on the National Biodiversity Network website. This includes all of the submitted records of crawfish. It does not include the size, depth and habitat data.

Crawfish recording form

Crawfish recording form with editable fields

Notes for crawfish recorders

Online recording for crawfish sightings (incl. photo upload)

An estimate of the size of the animal (for preference this would be the carapace length, not the length of the whole body including the tail) should be recorded. However, the animal SHOULD NOT BE DISTURBED and so we have provided a series of photographs for you to estimate the size compared to surrounding features. Recording this information should tell us whether the population is breeding on a yearly basis or whether the output of one or two good breeding years are now growing up.

A "VERY LARGE" crawfish, Alderney CI
A "LARGE" crawfish, The Manacles MCZ, Cornwall
A "MEDIUM" crawfish, Plymouth
A "SMALL" crawfish, Bigbury Bay, South Devon
A "TINY" crawfish, Hilsea, South Devon. The whole animal is only thumb-sized.











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